The guidelines on this page will help you properly use the BANDWAGON brand.

Our Colors

For the most part, we use two colors: BANDWAGON Orange and BANDWAGON Gray.

  • Web:#EA6A25
  • RGB:R234 G106 B37
  • CMYK:C5 M69 Y100 K0
  • Pantone:158c
  • Web:#39392E
  • RGB:R57 G57 B46
  • CMYK:C65 M58 Y71 K57
  • Pantone:447c

Our Logo

In general, the BANDWAGON logo should appear in BANDWAGON Orange. When that's not possible, the logo should appear inverted in white on a field of BANDWAGON Orange (#EA6A25) or BANDWAGON Gray (#39392E) as shown below.

Bglogo orange
Bglogo white
Bglogo white

Team-Specific Logo Usage

When using the logo in the context of a specific team's BANDWAGON, the logo should appear in white or black (whichever is more legible) on a field of that team’s primary color. Some examples are shown below.

Bglogo white
Bglogo black
Bglogo white
Bglogo white
Bglogo white
Bglogo black

Spacing Rules

Logos need to breathe too! To make sure our logo shows its full potential, leave at least one BANDWAGON "B" worth of space around it.

Brand logo whitespace

Minimum Size

To preserve legibility in both print and digital formats, please make sure our logo doesn't drop below these sizes.

Brand logo size digital
Our logo shouldn’t be smaller than 130px in width.
Brand logo size print
Our logo shouldn’t be smaller than 1" in width.


Feeling unsure about the proper use of our logo? Send us an email at