About Us

Game day is about more than just what happens on the field of play...it’s about a shared experience...it’s about a memory that the cameras didn’t catch...it’s about a sense of community. YOUR Game day is about the joy and heartache of cheering for your team through the good and bad - creating a memorable experience knowing you’ll be able to say, “I was there!”


BANDWAGON is a sports tech company with a fan-to-fan marketplace that helps you protect home field advantage and create the ultimate game day experience! From the pre-game (buying a ticket to the big game and securing travel plans...and tailgating, of course) to the post-game (capturing the memories to share with friends and fellow fans or just reliving the moment after the fact), BANDWAGON’s got you covered!

BANDWAGON is for fans who want to play their part in their team’s success, show their true colors and not be nickeled and dimed on fees - why not use the money we helped you save on that extra hot dog at the game or that dope team jersey that caught your eye. We charge Sellers just $10 per ticket sold and Buyers only pay 15% of the listed ticket price in fees (WAY less than those other sites). Hey, that’s More Sports and Less Fees - can’t beat that!